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Who We Are

The training provider of choice in Malaysia, Falcon Safety Services (F2S) was established in 2022 with the purpose of enhancing safety across the energy sectors in Malaysia. We are committed to go beyond limits, providing you with the BEST possible learning experience approved by internationally recognised bodies such as OPITO and GWO. In joint efforts with MTC International, a pioneering company in safety training with decades of experience, coupled with a local team of industry experts, we are serious about making a difference!

What We Do

We operate a one-stop centre which is in easy access to Kuala Lumpur City Centre-KLCC and offer a unique training environment. Our facilities include 10 classrooms, 4 training pools, fire-ground, lifeboat launching structure as well as confined space and working at height training facilities. We are the ONLY training provider in the region with an environmental pool which can simulate a tropical storm with waves, wind, rain and lighting effects. A MUST HAVE experience.

We offer a full range of basic OPITO and GWO approved courses, and our commitment to exceptional customer service means we are always open to adding new courses based on our clients’ needs. Our top priority is to provide our clients with the highest quality trainings in a safe and engaging environment, ensuring they have the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the offshore sector.

Our Traits

Highly professional and yet, flexible, efficient and competitive in pricing are just some of our traits!

We go the extra mile to provide an unrivalled customer service in every aspect of what we do. Our customers are who we serve, and we will ensure an unparalleled service applying the latest technology and learning methodologies. We will do our utmost to accommodate any form of request including class size, location, content, date or language. With our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, we go above and beyond to exceed expectations and provide an unparalleled service.

Our Vision

We aim to be the training provider of choice in the Asia Pacific region. To achieve this, we strongly focus on customer experience, quality and product development.

Our Mission

To ensure the energy sector workforce is provided with the knowledge to perform their jobs safely and are equipped with the necessary skills to respond to unforeseen emergencies. Our goal is to ensure EVERYONE GOES HOME SAFELY.

Our Values


Safety is our core business so we ensure we practice what we preach.


We respect everyone no matter who they are.


Our friendly staffs are contactable and reliable.


Our staffs are competent, and we ensure our learners go home competent.


We ensure our services are up to date using the latest technologies.